Beijing SHZZT Technology Co. Ltd.

  Offer vibration measurement ,Bearing Condition Detector, machinery condition monitoring ,Balancer and fault diagnosis products.  Now, it is the largest manufacturer of vibration meter & data collector in China with thousands customers.
We will continue keep the faith "the first credit , the first quality, the first service" to provide the satisfactory products for our customers. if you have any technology problem or needs, please send email for us, we will recall on time, we hope that the effort to get your approval.


BSZ 700 Pen-size Bearing Condition Detector
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Handheld vibration meter BSZ 608
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BSZ 808A Vibration transmitter
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Integrated Vibration Sensor/Transmitter(4-20mA,looped power)
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Laser tacho sensor for RPM and trigger
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SZ-21 Velocity Sensor

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L14 General Purpose 


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    Vibration Analyzer / Balancer cellector 

Dual-Channel Vibration Analyzer/Balancer BSZ601/BSZ603 

      Calibrator Instrument

BSZ-3B Vibration Calibrator  

    Vibration Meter / Bearing Detector 

Vibration Analyzer/Data Collector BSZ602    

Vibration Meter, Bearing Detector

BSZ700 Multi-Parameter Machine Condition Checker   



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